Help us Preserve Dolly for Future Generations

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Your Support will Preserve and Protect Dolly

About Dolly

One of the most famous artifacts on display at Sutter's Fort State Historic Park is Dolly, the small wooden doll carried by Donner Party survivor Martha "Patty" Reed. This doll was donated to Sutter's Fort in 1947 by Patty Reed's granddaughter 100 years after the Donner Party Rescue.

Dolly is currently off display for preservation purposes. She is expected to return to Sutter's Fort SHP in the Spring of 2023. Because of her age, and having been on constant display for decades, Dolly demands special care. It is the mutual goal of State Parks and Friends of Sutter’s Fort to preserve Dolly so that future generations will be able to experience her.

Current Efforts

In order to preserve and protect Dolly, we are currently fundraising to continue projects that will benefit her long-term preservation.

With the help of donors, specifically the Native Sons of the Golden West Sunset Parlour, we have funded several projects over the past few years.

Friends of Sutter's Fort is currently seeking funding to expand her display to include other objects that tell the story of overland migration.

In addition, our hope is to have an expertly designed reproduction created, which would allow us to take Dolly off display regularly for conservation, while allowing visitors to see a doll that looks exactly like the original. By implementing this conservation strategy, we should be able to significantly prolong her lifespan.

Major Donors

We are pleased to share that the Sunset Parlour of the Native Sons of the Golden West has made a commitment to help Friends of Sutter's Fort and California State Parks preserve and protect Dolly for future generations. Friends of Sutter's Fort would like to extend our deep gratitude to Native Sons of the Golden West for their commitment to historic preservation at Sutter's Fort SHP.

Your Support at Work

Donors can support this effort and help us preserve Dolly for future generations and help us to better tell her story. All donation will be added to the funding provided by the Sunset Parlour of the Native Sons of the Golden West.