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Your support creates a legacy of learning

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Help hundreds of students from the greater Sacramento region visit Sutter's Fort in the upcoming school year. Sutter's Fort is a premier destination for educational experiences in California, serving over 50,000 students annually. However there are many classrooms, especially those from local Title 1 schools who need help getting to Sutter's Fort. Your donations allow us to help teachers overcome financial barriers so their students can experience programs at the park.

Your gifts support engaging community events. For decades Friends of Sutter's Fort has hosted and/or sponsored demonstration days, holiday events, youth programs and educational experiences. Your gifts help us bring free and low-cost music, arts and other cultural events to Sutter's Fort.

Your Gifts support ongoing Preservation and Restoration efforts. The work of preserving structures and artifacts that are over a century old is an ongoing, daily task. Your donations help fund projects to ensure that Sutter's Fort SHP will be a site for learning in the generations to come. With the help of donors, we have provided critical funding for several major preservation projects including the painting of both the interior and exterior walls and the restoration of the blacksmith shop. Most recently we funded important preservation work on Dolly, the small wooden doll carried by Patty Reed. A refresh of the Media Room within Sutter's Fort SHP will be completed after the roof project ends.

Thank you for being a vital part of our community and for your gift to shape the future of Sutter’s Fort State Historic Park.

Donors have helped us achieve some incredible accomplishments over the past year including:

Granting Access to Education: Thanks to your generosity, we've awarded more grants to schools than ever before, ensuring that more Title 1 students have the opportunity to visit Sutter’s Fort for educational field trips. Your support directly impacts the lives of these students, providing them with valuable learning experiences and lifelong memories.

Cultural Enrichment: Our commitment to providing enriching experiences extends beyond the historical. Over the past year we've hosted four free outdoor movies (our 5th will take place on Saturday, December 2), bringing the community together under the stars. Additionally, we've brought the joy of music and art to the Fort, fostering a vibrant cultural environment for all to enjoy.

Preserving History: Sutter's Fort SHP is not just a landmark; it's a gold mine of history! Your contributions have allowed us to engage visitors and help them better understand the complex history of Sutter’s Fort and how its establishment catalyzed patterns of change across California.